It’s an exciting time to work for us!

We’ve created a unique, high-energy environment. We work hard and love what we do. Our people are important to us and we want you to succeed by helping you develop your skills and knowledge. We place a high value on teamwork, and at the same time, look for individuals who are self-motivated and willing to take risks to advance.


We take pride in our warm, family-centred culture and always strive to grow and improve our working environment.


Marketing & Sales Specialist

The Marketing Specialist at TBS manages all marketing and communications and social media functions of the company, as well as a wide range of IT, HR. This individual succeeds with organization, task prioritization, and regular, meticulous planning.  Most importantly, by using their written and verbal communication skills, the Marketing Specialist connects TBS with the world.

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing our social media channels and our website.
  • Organizing and delivering our brand signature ‘Brand Boxes’.
  • Filming & editing our Promo Time series.
  • Ordering and tagging new and trendy garments and promo products for our showroom.
  • Designing new TBS logos, patches and prints. You get to be very creative, the sky is the limit!
  • Completing sales activities to support your Sales Team with various administrative tasks and projects as needed.
  • Initiating sales with existing clients and new prospects as required.
  • Complete sales reporting and logging procedures.