Red Deer Hospital Dialysis, 2020

Excellent customer service, Randy brown went above and beyond for our order!

A to Z Blinds, Angela Zieffle – 2020

TBS in Red Deer has done an array of designs on Yeti’s and I was instantly hooked! My husband can attest to this, when it comes to designing brand apparel, I am super picky and takes me way too long to perfect any design. Luckily I was placed with Kelsey who brought my brand to life very quickly. By simply checking out my website, listening to my needs and understanding my style, he created a simple and sleek design for A to Z Blinds. I’m very happy with the results and can’t wait to show you all our next project!

Lacombe Minor Hockey – 2020

Lacombe Minor Hockey has been working with TBS for all of its association needs
from jersey’s, apparel and equipment since 2014. We have worked through all the
trials and tribulations to get to what worked and what didn’t over the years for LMH.


With the loyalty and great working relationship we have built with Tom, Andrew and Kim our account rep, It comes with great pride to know the TBS team has Lacombe Minor Hockey’s needs held to high standards. I do believe it has helped our association that we have had a constant person over the last 6 years in place to work with the TBS team, and not someone coming in and out every couple of year to be able to maintain the great working relations. The new online store that TBS has built for us and we have been using the last couple of seasons for LMH has been very user friendly to both parents and management.

Notre Dame High School, Red Deer – 2020

Wow! Working with Tyler has made our life in purchasing athletic apparel so easy. Tyler has helped our school for the past two years in getting quality, price friendly clothing that has helped build our school community.  Tyler has been accommodating and quick to respond to our everyday needs. His friendly and easy going personality has made our life that much better. Thanks Tyler and TBS!

Atom A Provincial, Whitecourt – 2018

Sean took all of the stress, work and risk out of the apparel aspect of our Provincial planning. He made everything extremely easy for us as a Host Committee including the logo designs, ordering process, collection of payments and receipt of the products. We were so impressed that we did not have to do anything, he literally took care of EVERYTHING, that we also ordered our Host Committee apparel and player gifts of jerseys and backpacks from him. The quality of the apparel was great and I still see players walking around the arena wearing their Provincial gear! I would absolutely recommend Sean and his team to any Host Committee for their Provincial apparel; you won’t be disappointed with the speed, service and quality. 


And I forgot to tell you – we won an award for Exceptional Host Committee from Hockey Alberta! I am sure your amazing work played into that award!!